Where the heart of Israel is
                                   Where the heart of Israel is 
When you order a plate you can have it in combination of either FF and Salad or Rice and Salad or Just sald


                                                                Pita                        Plate

11. Shawarma Gyro--------------------------$9.50--------------$16.95

12. Beef Shish Kabob--------------------------$9.50--------------$16.95

13. Beef Kafta Kabob-------------------------$9.50--------------$16.95

14. Steak-------------------------------------$9.75--------------$22.95

15. Chicken Shish Kabob----------------------$9.50--------------$16.95

16. Chicken Cutlet-Fry or Grill -----------------$9.75--------------$16.95

17. Chicken Liver-------------------------------$9.50--------------$16.95
18. Fillet of Sole--------------------------------$9.50-------------- $16.95
Add .50c for takeout orders on containers

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