Where the heart of Israel is
                                   Where the heart of Israel is 

Why Should You Eat at Azuri Cafe?


 To eat at Azuri Cafe is like reaching the Promise Land


Azuri's substitution for fat is fruit


I sell Kosher food for the price of non-Kosher.


We are generous and inexpensive.


What does Kosher mean?


It means to embrace all the conditions and ceremonial behavior.


You don't need to be Jewish to eat Kosher food!


To eat Kosher food is to know that your food is sealed with the

reputation of trust!


Know that a man's wealth comes from his good reputation.

Eating Kosher food will create peace of mind.

"You are what you eat!"


Kosher and spirit = #1 which is AZURI


Try us, you'll love AZURI!


We prepare everything on the premises and we try hard to deliver to you

wonderful, heavenly food.


If you can't go to ISRAEL come to AZURI CAFE



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Azuri Cafe

465 West 51st Street

New York City, NY 10019


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