Where the heart of Israel is
                                   Where the heart of Israel is 

A small place but with a big heart

Once you taste the food it will linger in your mind.


I am proud to say that I am not authentic, but I am original.


I say so because I believe that the second generation should be

better then the first.


seed, oats, varieties of nuts and seeds.

I include herbs and spices from other nations, and I infuse it in our food and create the best Middle Eastern cuisine.


Our dishes start from scratch we don't use any preservatives or additives. We make our own pita bread which is mezonot and it's flavorful like no other pita. You can only find hat I believe is in fusion. Adding the goodness of ingridients, such as ginger, flax seed at Azuri Cafe. It is located in middtown NYC. We have vegetarian dishes such as the best Falafel and hummus you will ever try and you'll never want to eat hummus any where else. By the way, we are Kosher because we want to be. My attitude is that every one can eat kosher food. By the way if you have eaten a shawarma before and you compare our shawarma you know where I am going, as they say a happy customer is a return customer. And I say, "Make Azuri Cafe your second home!".


I statrted Azuri to become a servant to the community. We believe that it is important to give from our heart. Food is not like any other product, there is a saying "you are what you eat". I have learned that there are three things as a human being you should do, one is to bless one's life and food, two is to be charitible, and three is to be a servent to the community and I hope that when you have the chance to come by, you will notice my intent.


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Azuri Cafe

465 West 51st Street

New York City, NY 10019


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A place you want to call home